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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 122

As you have likely heard, PePcon was amazing last week in Chicago. My head is spinning from all the great conversations and tips I learned. Of course, Adobe also had their big 2014 announcement… information about that and many other articles here:


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  • Debra Johnson says:

    I highly recommend that SpellProof plug-in by the way. It clearly highlights all the spelling and spacing queries that dynamic spelling brings up and what makes it really useful is that you can print it too and export in a PDF. It’s an essential tool for thorough proofing. I work in a publishing studio, and we’ve caught so many things with it. It’s amazing how much your eye misses!

  • In the Adobe report on the “The New Creatives,” the words “print” or “publishing” never appear. Not once, in the questions or the answers. (I think there was some amount of survey designer bias there.)

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