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Additional Information:

Note: The final issue of InDesign Magazine will be October 2021. Starting in November 2021 the magazine will be called CreativePro Magazine and will feature content on Design, Photo, Illustration, and Presentations in addition to InDesign.

To learn more, see:

Issue 149: The Accessibility Issue

  • Tools and Services for Accessibility
  • Accessible Color
  • Accessible Type
  • Print vs. Interactive PDF Export
  • Script of the Month: Color Contrast Validator
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 148: Designing for Social Media

  • Designing for Social Media
  • Dielines for Creative Folded Brochures
  • InDesigner: Theresa Stoodley
  • InQuestion
  • Script of the Month: What the GREP?
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 147: Illustrator vs. InDesign

  • InDesign vs. Illustrator
  • InCopy vs. Word
  • Four Great Ways to Emphasize Text
  • Choosing a Font Manager
  • Script of the Month: Smart Sort
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 146: Typography

  • Terrific Type Effects
  • Going from Markdown to InDesign
  • Freshen Up Your Fonts
  • InReview: Typefitter 5
  • Script of the Month: Export for Web
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 145: Designing with Gradients

  • Designing with Gradients
  • Uncovering InDesign’s Hidden Files
  • Page Numbering Perfection
  • Unflubbify Your Writing Book Excerpt
  • Script of the Month: Format All Hyperlinks
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 144: Stealing Great Design

  • How to Steal Great Design
  • Designing with Rules, Borders, and Shading
  • Easy SOQ Compliance
  • InReview: V-Justify
  • Script of the Month: InDesign to Photoshop Layers
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 143: Adobe Mobile Apps for Designers

  • Adobe Mobile Apps for Designers
  • Preferences You Must Change
  • Sorting Text
  • InReview: WordsFlow 3
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 142: Adobe XD

  • Adobe XD
  • Text Frame Options
  • InQuestion
  • InDesigner: Patch & Tweak with Moog
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 141: Transparency

  • Regarding Transparency
  • Transparency FX
  • Handwriting Fonts
  • InReview: CI Hub
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 140: Graphics to Go

  • Graphics to Go
  • Data Merge Magic
  • InQuestion
  • InReview: IDMarkz
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 139: Adobe Bridge

  • Adobe Bridge
  • Text Variables & IDML
  • What’s New in InDesign 2021
  • InDesigner: Florida Cajun Zydeco Update!
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 138: Scripts From the Crypts

  • Scripts From the Crypts
  • The InDesign Community Script Project
  • InDesigner: The Herbfarm
  • Print Versioning Workflows
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 137: Most Valuable Plug-ins

  • Most Valuable Plug-ins
  • Digital Printing
  • InQuestion
  • Creating Org Charts
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 136: Advertising

  • Advertising Workflows
  • Optimizing Workspaces
  • InDesign Course and Compendium Book Excerpt
  • InDesigner: Raphael Freeman
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 135: Use with Caution

  • Features You Should Use With Caution
  • Introducing Share for Review
  • 20 Tips from CreativePro Week 2020
  • Jazz-inspired Design
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 134: InDesign and Acrobat

  • PDF Power Tips
  • InDesign and Acrobat: PDF Partners
  • InDesigner: Designing a Product Guide
  • InReview: InQuestion
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 133: Object Styles

  • Object Styles
  • PDF Forms
  • InDesigner: Cindy Kelley
  • InReview: DocsFlow 3
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 132: After Effects

  • Learning After Effects
  • Designing with Type on a Path
  • JavaScript for InDesign Book Excerpt
  • InDesigner: San Francisco Bay Brand
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 131: Obscure Features

  • 20 Obscure Features
  • Preset It and Forget It
  • InQuestion
  • InReview: PDF2ID
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 130: Accessible PDF

  • 10 Steps to Creating Accessible PDFs
  • 10 Scripts for Long Documents
  • How Do I Do That In InDesign? Book Excerpt
  • InDesigner: Texas Roadhouse
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 129: RGB vs. CMYK

  • RGB vs. CMYK
  • Accessible Bar Charts
  • Designing with Column Rules
  • InReview: MagicTints
  • Best of the Blog

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