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Filled with practical, real-world tutorials written by experts, CreativePro Magazine provides independent, valuable insights into how to work more efficiently and design more effectively. Each issue offers tutorials, reviews, news, and inspirational content from our five main subjects: Design, Photo, Illustration, Presentation, and InDesign.

CreativePro Magazine Issue 1 Cover

Articles include:

  • Designing A Book Cover by Hugh D’Andrade
  • 5 Awesome Illustrator Techniques by Dave Clayton
  • InType: Finding Your Rhythm by Nigel French
  • Creating Tile Effects with Illustrator and Photoshop by Steve Caplin
  • Secrets of PowerPoint’s Selection Pane by Nolan Haims
  • Photoshop Prepress: Reducing Total Ink by Amybeth Menendez
  • Getting Equations from Microsoft Word into InDesign by Keith Gilbert
  • A Script to Control Layer Visibility in Placed Images by Mike Rankin
  • Review: Randomill for Illustrator by Ari Weinstein
  • InQuestion by Erica Gamet

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Issue 150: All-Star Tips

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Features Hidden in Plain Sight
  • InDesigner: InDesign Magazine
  • Script of the Month: Adjust Kerning
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 149: The Accessibility Issue

  • Tools and Services for Accessibility
  • Accessible Color
  • Accessible Type
  • Print vs. Interactive PDF Export
  • Script of the Month: Color Contrast Validator
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 148: Designing for Social Media

  • Designing for Social Media
  • Dielines for Creative Folded Brochures
  • InDesigner: Theresa Stoodley
  • InQuestion
  • Script of the Month: What the GREP?
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 147: Illustrator vs. InDesign

  • InDesign vs. Illustrator
  • InCopy vs. Word
  • Four Great Ways to Emphasize Text
  • Choosing a Font Manager
  • Script of the Month: Smart Sort
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 146: Typography

  • Terrific Type Effects
  • Going from Markdown to InDesign
  • Freshen Up Your Fonts
  • InReview: Typefitter 5
  • Script of the Month: Export for Web
  • Best of the Blog

Issue 145: Designing with Gradients

  • Designing with Gradients
  • Uncovering InDesign’s Hidden Files
  • Page Numbering Perfection
  • Unflubbify Your Writing Book Excerpt
  • Script of the Month: Format All Hyperlinks
  • Best of the Blog

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