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32-bit Partners

Ajar Productions creates software to improve your life as a designer. The in5 extension from Ajar Productions exports interactive InDesign content in all its glory (buttons, hyperlinks, audio, video, multi-state objects, animation, liquid layout, overlays, and responsive layouts!) to an open format that can be viewed on any device and easily converted to a mobile app. No need to code. Take full advantage of your awesome design skills with a little help from our friendly tools.

Santa Cruz Software offers a suite of tools to connect Adobe applications to other Cloud Services, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly on projects without ever leaving their applications. Enjoy simplified version control, easy asset search, and seamless connection between your shared team assets. Santa Cruz Software features are designed to streamline brand compliance, empower collaboration between teams, and increase productivity. Our solutions range from integratabtle Dynamic Templates based upon Adobe InDesign (PrintUI), DAM connectors for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects (LinkrUI), and turnkey collateral/campaign portals (BrandingUI).

16-bit Partners

3M Visual Attention Software

3M has combined 30+ years of research informing our understanding of the human visual system with our expertise in machine learning and analytics to bring data-driven workplace solutions. Developed by expert neuro and data scientists to quickly and accurately simulate how people see your visuals within the first 3-5 seconds, 3M™ Visual Attention Software (VAS) instantly predicts – with 92% accuracy – where your viewers’ eyes are drawn. This “pre-attentive phase” is critical in capturing your audience’s interest and increasing the likelihood they will engage with your content. A VAS analysis will show you which areas are attracting, or distracting, viewers’ attention so you know if your content is on track in achieving its goals. You can integrate testing into you design workflow with the VAS web app or plugins for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or XD and make refinement decisions based on objective feedback. Learn more at

Cacidi Systems is known for five creative and time-saving products: Cropmarks, Charts, BarCodes, LiveMerge and Extreme. Cacidi Charts creates beautiful world-class charts, including Pie, Column, and Line Scatter Charts. Cacidi BarCodes creates EAN-13, ITF-14, UPC-2, Code-25, and many more. Cacidi Cropmarks, is the most advanced tool for creating any sort of crop, bleed, registration, measurement and even custom text and elements. Cacidi LiveMerge and Cacidi Extreme are both extremely powerful tools for design and data-driven catalogs, price lists, books, and ads.

Em Software

Em Software offers the InDesign workflow plugins WordsFlow for true live-linking to external Word/Excel documents, and DocsFlow for Google Docs documents. These plugins provide near-miraculous link update-merging, so your authors and editors can continue making changes in parallel with your InDesign production, with no work ever lost on either side.
Em also offers InData and InCatalog for hands-off automated data-driven publishing—InData for building beautiful, finished documents from raw data, and InCatalog for data linking/updating/extracting from/to raw data and online databases. Both work together to provide a complete building/updating system.
Em has been in business for over 30 years now, with tens of thousands of delighted customers world-wide.

priint:Suite is an enterprise platform that reduces the time to create data driven publications up to 80% and enables creative marketers to focus on being creative.  The platform eliminates the need for data exports, copy/paste, and other mundane repetitive tasks by allowing real time drag and drop to/from InDesign or Illustrator from/to any corporate data system like PIM, eCommerce, CMS, DAM and more.  Automate layouts following business/layout rules without limits on creative freedom.  One can layout entire sections or entire publications in seconds.  Over 400 global and enterprise customers rely on priint:suite’s automation to create publications faster and more cost-effectively.

8-bit Partners

Circular Software has been making InDesign better for more than ten years.
Whether you are looking for a better way to securely publish PDFs and interactive InDesign files to the websites you choose, or to search and share your publications online with MasterPlan or a better way to make stylish ebooks for Amazon, or to add interactivity and accessibility features including automatic ‘read aloud’ text highlighting to your digital publications with CircularFLO, or to take better control of yours and your coworkers workflow and create correct, complete & consistent InDesign files every time with GreenLight – visit our sponsor page or the site to get in touch to find out more.
As used by dozens of smaller independent publishers and several major global publishers and even CreativePro themselves! Circular Software. #InDesignBetter

Hi, we’re Lulu ?! A free to use self-publishing and print-on-demand platform. Just bring your completed cover and interior PDF files to our site to upload, publish and print. Turn your most popular content into a beautiful notebook, photo book, comic book or calendar that grows your brand, your audience and your bank account.

InDesign MathTools (InMath), developed by movemen, provides seamlessly integrated editing and formatting of equations in InDesign, InCopy, and InDesign Server at the text level. No inline frames. No external editor. Unique features cover importing Word equations, automating with MathML, and exporting EPUB, HTML, XML, and PDF with embedded equation images and MathML.

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