The New Adobe Comp CC Mobile App

Adobe has introduced some new mobile apps to their line up, including Adobe Comp CC. Adobe Comp CC much like the name implies, is a mobile app that lets creators put together layout mock-ups on the go. This is something that Adobe Mobile users have been requesting for quite sometime! This app will allow you to create layouts on the go quickly and easily and then export them to the appropriate desktop app to work on later.

In short, Adobe Comp CC is a game changer for designers!

Take a look at Adobe Comp CC in action and my first impressions of it!

Now you can take a client meeting and whip up something, make some concrete decisions, and even insert photos and placeholder text to work on later in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign on your desktop or laptop. Adobe Comp CC uses iPad gestures, making it very intuitive and can use assets from your Creative Cloud Library as well as assets stored on your iPad. Adobe Comp can also use the font libraries available in TypeKit.

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App - Photo by Roberto Blake

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App – Photo by Roberto Blake

You can also export a layout as a JPEG or PNG and sent it off to a client or a collaborative team to get their thoughts and opinions on it. This is going to really help with project workflows and improve the speed of decision making across design projects. It gives you the spontaneous feel of sketching a mock-up on pen and paper, with the added practicality of being able to take it much further, share it efficiently, and later translate it to something usable very quickly.

Options for Print, Web, and Mobile Layouts

The layout options available in Adobe Comp CC cover the range of Print, Web, and Mobile design. This gives you flexibility in what you can create without limitations, and you also have the option of creating custom layouts.

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App - Photograph by Roberto Blake

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App – Photograph by Roberto Blake

Intuitive and Easy to Use iPad Gestures

Comping in this app couldn’t be simpler, the easy-to-use gestures make it simple for iPad users of any level to work with this app. It will likely be the same when it makes its way to Android (expected later this year).

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App- Photo by Roberto Blake

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App- Photo by Roberto Blake

You can easily create a placeholder for an image by drawing a square or circle. You can generate filler text by simply drawing three lines and ending with a dot. Basic shapes are also easy to draw using Adobe Comp CC. Erasing is one of the easier things to do; you just scribble and the app understands that you want to erase whatever you just scribbled over!

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App- Photo by Roberto Blake

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App- Photo by Roberto Blake

The whole point of this app is to take something creatives have a habit of doing—comping something on a piece of paper or a napkin in a restaurant—and build an intuitive app that gives them a practical way to do the same thing, with virtually no learning curve.

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App - Photo by Roberto Blake

Adobe Comp CC Mobile App – Photo by Roberto Blake

Does this App Require Adobe Ink and Slide?

None of the CC Mobile Apps require Adobe Ink & Slide, however using them can be fun or speed things up a bit. In the case of Adobe Comp CC you can use your fingers or any stylus for the iPad you may already own. I use the Adonit Jot Pro Fine with my Adobe Apps currently or the Wacom Stylus Solo. The gestures and motion tracking also work perfectly fine with just using your fingers as well and they’re very responsive.

How Can You Get Adobe Comp CC?

To use Adobe Comp CC and the other Adobe Mobile Apps you need either a Free or Paid Creative Cloud Membership. Currently, Comp CC is only available for the iPad, so you will need to download it through the iTunes store (it’s free). A release for Android is expected for sometime this year following Adobe’s announcement of bring their mobile app lineup to Android devices. You can get a Creative Cloud Membership via the website. Adobe Comp CC is a great app for the Creative on the go, and to get your ideas out of your head in a functional way that you can build on top of later!

Posted on: April 24, 2015

Roberto Blake

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  1. Great article. Does it work on iPad 2? Ink and slide only work on iPad four and up.

  2. Has there been an update on when we can expect this app on android? I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! I want to try it out so bad! If it is as good as it sounds, It will help me get so much more work done.

  3. Typo: “sent it off” s/b “send it off”.

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