Supercharge Your Creative Process with Generative AI

Cover of CreativePro Magazine issue 26: Making Charts and Graphs in InDesignThis article appeared in Issue 26 of CreativePro Magazine.

Okay, I admit it. Like most creative professionals, I have complex feelings when it comes to the subject of Generative AI. I do, however, see one unambiguously beneficial use case for it, a use with the potential to immediately revolutionize the creative process for anyone involved in the production of visual media. Brainstorming.

As creatives, we all evolve our unique processes for gathering inspiration at the beginning of a project. We all have our favorite places for taking visual reference, color, and style cues. You might spend hours scrolling through Behance or Dribbble, while I wander several pages deep on Google Images or Adobe Stock. This part of the creative process can be great fun. After all, who doesn’t love that dopamine hit of finding the perfect image or color palette?

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Kat Kremser is an illustrator, artist, and designer who also likes to dabble in animation, 3D graphics, code, and occasionally spreadsheets. She is a passionate lifelong learner and loves sharing tips & inspiration with her fellow creative professionals and digital artists.
  • Brenda Eggert says:

    What are the best Generative AI sites to use?

    • Kat Kremser says:

      Hi Brenda! I may be a little biased as I use a lot of Adobe programs daily but currently, Firefly is my go-to:

      One of the benefits of Firefly is that it has been trained on Adobe Stock images and public domain images so in theory it is safer to use Firefly from a copyright perspective.

      You can also check out Midjourney, Open Ai’s Dall-e, and Stable Diffusion.

  • worktime says:

    I’m very interested in real examples. How can this technology revitalize the start of a creative project?

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