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>> Ajar Productions is the developer of the phenomenal in5 add-on for Adobe InDesign, which lets you export interactivity from InDesign to different formats  that actually work. Create websites, digital magazines, mobile apps, animated banners and presentations, by simply using InDesign, no coding involved! They’re now adding accessibility features, see their YouTube video. Learn more and download a free trial of in5 at

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  • Steve Werner says:

    I’m not an accessibility expert, but when I did a Google search on it, I found this interesting link:

    This is saying it didn’t work in InDesign 2020 (15.0.1) but works in 15.0.2.

    But I’d love to hear what Dax or Chad say about it.

  • Ananda La Vita says:

    About the “alt text” option for hyperlinks… I use it regularly, but agree with David that it doesn’t seem to DO anything, at least not for exported PDFs. I will keep using it anyway, in case I’m wrong.

    As for what to type into it, what I used to do was write out the hyperlinks in a phonetical way (!) until I read in an accessibility forum that it’s better to just type something simple and short such as “Link to web page” or “Link to online registration form.”


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