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From PowerPoint to InDesign


CreativePro Magazine issue 18 coverThis article appeared in Issue 18 of CreativePro Magazine.

As an InDesign user, you might get cranky with clients when they provide their newsletter content in PowerPoint or ask you to convert a slideshow to a professional print format. But this really isn’t a terrible chore. PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for designers and non-designers alike to assemble text and visuals and mock materials up in preparation for professional layout. (You can actually use PowerPoint to create pro-level print design as well, but that’s a topic for another article.)

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Nolan Haims has decades of experience designing visual communications for the largest brands and organizations. He trains organizations to communicate more visually and create compelling stories with data. Nolan speaks at national conferences, writes extensively on visual storytelling, and is one of the co-hosts of the long-running Presentation Podcast. As one of only 15 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the U.S., he regularly advises the PowerPoint development team on the industry standard software. He is the author of and runs his own design consultancy in Montclair, NJ.

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  • Kimberly Hitchens says:

    FWIW, only–my experiences with RecoSoft software products have NOT been fun or productive. I’ve had all their higher-end products and I’ve never found them to work very well.

    Now, that’s just my opinion, but I would urge people to try them out prior to buying, if that’s yet possible. I don’t know which year this article was written–if like many others here, it’s older–but unless it’s brand-new and the RecoSoft has significantly improved, again–just try to demo it before buying.

    • Nolan Haims says:

      The article was just published, and I did some extensive testing of the Decks Move In module. They actually pushed out an update right before the article went to press that did improve some things, but I still feel like you that it is still not ready for prime time. Hopefully the article reflected that. And always good to hear other people’s opinions on this stuff!

      • Kimberly Hitchens says:

        Thanks, Nolan! Nice to “meet” you. Glad to know I’m not totally deranged (yet). :-)

        I originally bought the Recosoft more for PDF–>Word than anything else and to be honest, that was pretty abysmal. It would indeed be lovely if RecoSoft could make that a bit better.

        I’d LUV to try OmniMarkz, but let’s not kid ourselves–that’s ouchy for those of us in the very-much-smaller business(es) category! :-)

  • Nolan Haims says:

    Yeah, some of the Adobe add-in software can get very pricey!

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