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dot-font: Zapfest

Editor’s Note: This weekend an exhibit and lecture series focusing on the contributions of Hermann Zapf and Gudrun Zapf von Hesse kicks off in San Francisco. John D. Berry will be back next week to fill us in on the festivities, but in the meantime this preview, which originally appeared on April 6, puts it […]

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Learning the Ins and Outs of Mac OS X

Brought to you by Element K Journals Mac OS X has been around for over six months now and many folks are just beginning to consider it an option. But once you load it and take a few days to play around with it, you’ll quickly discover that it’s a surprisingly elegant replacement for your […]

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dot-font: Voice Fonts Speak Volumes

This week I encountered a very peculiar bit of terminology. Under the headline “Computerized Voices May Sound Familiar,” the “San Francisco Chronicle” published an article from the Associated Press about AT&T Natural Voices, a technology that AT&T Labs Research has developed to turn written text into spoken words. The goal is machine-made voices that sound […]

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QuarkXPress How-To: Creating a Graphics Portfolio

Brought to you by Element K Journals One interesting (and frustrating) aspect of working in today’s graphics marketplace is the constantly changing world of communications. The software seems to change even more rapidly than the trade’s technology, requiring graphic artists to continually spend time learning new versions. To add to that labor, it isn’t enough […]

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Advanced Layer Blending in Photoshop 6

Brought to you by Element K Journals Creating illustrations or compositing images usually takes lots of layer manipulation to create the exact blends and effects you want. With Photoshop’s Layer Style dialog box, you get immense control and organization over applying blending and effects to your images and graphics. In this article, we’ll show you […]

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