Web Fonts: The Experts Speak

When designing print projects, your typeface choices are theoretically unlimited. On the Web, of course, your font choices have been highly restricted. But recently new options have appeared. The FontShop’s FontFeed has released a series of videos about web typography. In these videos, Stephen Coles interviews five type industry experts.

1. Bryan Mason speaks about the Typekit service, which gives subscribers access to a library of embeddable fonts and a way to include those fonts on Web sites.

2. Simon Daniels has played a pivotal role in Microsoft’s onscreen typography projects for more than 20 years.

3. David Berlow of The Font Bureau
Berlow brings his long history with digital type to bear on the technology’s latest developments — and pulls no punches while doing so.

4. An Interview with Christian Schwartz
Christian Schwartz is young but already a towering figure in type circles. Hear his thoughts on its future.

5. Erik Spiekermann
This FontShop founder tackles the difficult question: Web-embeddable fonts and licensing.

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Posted on: November 17, 2009

2 Comments on Web Fonts: The Experts Speak

  1. Videos not working – can you please provide a text link?

    I’d like the info but won’t fight to access it.


  2. We’re seeing lots of complaints about many sites across the Web not working today. Vimeo — which hosts these videos — may be a victim of whatever’s happening.

    In any case, here’s the link for all of the videos on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/fontshop/videos/

    Terri Stone
    Editor in Chief, CreativePro.com

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