Take Your Inner Child to the Letter Playground

Professional illustrator Nate Williams says that creativity comes from “curiosity, inspiration, play and discovery.” All four are in evidence at letterPLAYGROUND, a site Nate developed where you can submit your own letterform designs and see what hundreds of other people have dreamed up. It’s a bit like a democratic Daily Drop Cap!
To submit your own characters, just register (it’s free) and start uploading. Once you register, you can also collect others’ letters in a favorites list, and comment on all the characters.
You can sort the many glyphs in letterPLAYGROUND by individual letter. Or sort by the six collections: Animal, Candy, Geometric, Monster, Photograph, and Winter.
Here’s a small sampling to show you who’s on the monkey bars right now:

If you submit something to letterPLAYGROUND, please let me know in this article’s Comments section.

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