ProductionManagerPro 4 Debuts

ProductionManagerPro, Harris & Baseview/MediaSpan Media Software’s asset-management and ad-tracking solution, has been released and will formally debut Version 4.0 at NEXPO in Chicago, April 1-4.
You can sign up now for a demo of ProductionManagerPro and get a look at new automation features, easy administration and how to save time and money by going to Harris & Baseview is the publishing division of MediaSpan and will be in Booth No. 9027.
ProductionManagerPro gives you excellent return on your investment with features including:

  • Easy ad searches
  • Ad-building organization that tracks ads from start to finish
  • Digital asset management of ad elements
  • Automated tools for proofing, exporting and e-mail notifications
  • Faster and easier pagination integrated with editorial and layout
  • Reports (and scheduled reports) to track ad-building time, deadlines and workflow
  • Remote administration
  • Server groups — a distributed architecture for multiple sites
  • Built-in archiving with a searchable index
  • Web tool for searching and proof downloading

Also among the innovations in ProductionManagerPro is a cross-platform Java-based server that works on either Mac OS X or Windows. The database runs on the powerful MySQL Pro 4.1 platform. Publication chains can harness this power using server groups that aggregate all ad data to all servers, yet let ads be built locally to keep file access fast. When an ad or element from another server is needed, a secure connection lets you access what you need, while still keeping your data safe, replicated and backed up.

Among the automated features designed to save your staff valuable time are scheduled, e-mailed reports that do everything from providing you with today’s to-do list to letting you know what ads are still out for proof; e-mailed proofs that can feature an individualized letter for each customer; pagination file delivery to remote sites; conversion from print to Web formats; export of files to local servers and FTP sites; and e-mail messages that can be triggered by any status.

Our new administration tools, also cross-platform, allow for remote administration of your software from any machine anywhere. You can configure your servers, schedule auto-backups (or back up right now) and even allow our support reps to connect, if desired.

The PMP Web Tool lets your ad reps search the database using a Web browser from anywhere with an Internet connection. They can enter and change customer information, schedule ads, download proofs and more. This excellent sales tool brings enhanced customer service to your customers.

Your creative staff can continue to build ads in QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or Multi-Ad Creator. There is always an archive of every ad and element used and ProductionManagerPro allows for one-click creation of EPS or PDF versions of each ad.
For more information on ProductionManagerPro or Harris & Baseview’s other solutions, contact Peter Cooper at (321) 242-4382,, or visit our Web site, This press release is also available at

To set up a demo of ProductionManagerPro during its debut at NEXPO, head to:
Harris & Baseview provides software tools for publishing, including Editorial, Advertising, Circulation Management, Production and Internet solutions. Harris & Baseview has more than 2,800 customers around the world.
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Posted on: February 17, 2006

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