New Adobe Tech Gives You HTML5 Edge

HTML5 isn’t yet fully supported by all browsers, yet many Web designers are clamoring for the capabilities it brings. To address that need, Adobe is distributing a public preview of a new HTML5 tool, Edge.

At this stage in its development, Edge is focused on adding motion to HTML layouts, and on enhancing Web-ready image files with CSS3. The end results will play on modern Web browsers, including those on smart phones and tablets, such as the iPad.

Adobe says that Edge is a complement to–not a replacement for–Flash Professional or any of its Web tools. However, the company also says that it will continue to add capabilities to Edge during the preview release timeframe. Who knows what user demand will dictate?

You can download Mac and Windows versions of Edge now.

Adobe recorded a 14-minute video about Edge, including a demo of the app in action, which you can watch by clicking on the screencapture below.

And if you’re still wondering what all the HTML5 and CSS3 hoopla is about, visit The Expressive Web, and Adobe showcase of the features possible on “modern” websites.

Posted on: August 3, 2011

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