How to Size and Align Text to Objects in Illustrator

In this “Three Minutes Max” video, Rob de Winter shows how to overcome an issue with sizing and aligning text in Illustrator in regards to other objects. He reveals an added setting in the Character panel that allows you to set measurements based on the text’s x-height for better manipulation. Rob then demos how to align text—and not its bounding box—with an object.

Three Minutes Max comes from a fun—yet very competitive—session at our annual CreativePro Week conference. Speakers have three minutes to wow the audience with the tip and win a prize for a lucky conference attendee.

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Rob de Winter is an Adobe Certified Instructor, author, designer, and photographer based in the Netherlands. He loves to share his passion for design and Adobe technology in energetic and passionate training sessions and in the books he writes. He’s a public speaker at the world’s largest conferences, like Adobe MAX and CreativePro Week, and he has trained thousands of graphic designers both with his training company DWM Trainingen and on his YouTube channel.