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How to Automate Layouts with Data in InDesign


In this InDesign video, Julie Shaffer shows how to take data from a source file and automate a layout in her InDesign project. She constructs and fills out a sample of the design then—using InDesign’s data merge function—sets the data to populate that design. Julie is able to set text with styling, put image frames in place, drag and drop data placeholders, then she puts the automation in motion.

This video is an excerpt from Julie’s “Turning Data Into Design” session at CreativePro Week 2022.

Julie Shaffer is passionate about helping users maximize Adobe design tools and expedite content layout without sacrificing good design. And she's not just your average enthusiast – Julie is a Fellow and Certified Professional Services Marketer through the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), a certified instructor, an award-winning designer, and a regular CreativePro Network contributor. With over two decades in the game, Julie has seamlessly blended her analytical prowess with artistic finesse. In 2012, she founded Shaffer Creative to offer consulting, training, and creative design services, empowering firms to secure new work and thrive in the competitive landscape. Through their efforts, Julie and her team have assisted 250 firms across the US in shaping their identities, crafting impactful marketing campaigns, and empowering teams to make the most of their marketing efforts.

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  • Carrie says:

    How did you set up the csv file for this?

  • Marzoboden says:

    I recently stumbled upon an insightful article on CreativePro about automating layouts with data in InDesign, and it was a game-changer for me

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