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Finding Your Typographic Rhythm

CreativePro Magazine Issue #1 coverThis article appeared in Issue 1 of CreativePro Magazine.

Imagine listening to a favorite piece of music—the harmonies, the groove, how it flows, moving effortlessly from one passage to the next. Now imagine listening to music that is out of tune, off tempo, and played without intent. How did you feel?

When you listen to music, the repetition of patterns of sound, words, and notes establishes its rhythm. The same is true for typography: We use letters to form words on the page as blocks of text, then arrange the space around these blocks to give the type rhythm and the document structure. Done well, this creates something that is both pleasurable to look at and easy to read.

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Nigel French is a graphic designer, photographer, author, and teacher living in Lewes, UK. He is the author of InDesign Type, and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with many courses on design and typography.