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Designing a Product Layout

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InDesign Magazine issue 134: InDesign and AcrobatThis article appeared in Issue 134 of InDesign Magazine.

Organizing chaos with white space

An image-driven layout is a staple of lifestyle magazines: a roundup of products arranged over a page or spread, with a brief description of each and information about how they can be purchased. These designs seem simple—until you try to create one yourself. Often the simplest layouts are the hardest, so in this article, I’ll provide some fundamentals to help you build this kind of image-driven layout.

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Nigel French is a graphic designer, photographer, author, and teacher living in Lewes, UK. He is the author of InDesign Type, and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with many courses on design and typography.
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    This is such an excellent article, thank you! I’ll be sharing it with clients who are learning design/InDesing.

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