DataLinker for InDesign CS5 Now Available

Teacup Software announced the release of DataLinker, its catalog publishing solution, for Adobe InDesign CS5. In addition to support for InDesign CS5, the new release of DataLinker features a new set of utility features that can be enhanced and expanded by users.

New utility functions added
The new release includes a set of utility functions for manipulating references to imported data in a document, and for exporting and importing data source settings. The new functionality is implemented as a series of open source JavaScripts that users of the software can modify and enhance freely. Users can also create their own script functions that are automatically added to the DataLinker UI on startup.

Pricing and availability
DataLinker is available for $299. The DataLinker ODBC Add-on, which adds ODBC connectivity to DataLinker, is available for $199. Existing customers upgrading to a new version of InDesign can do so for 40% of the retail price at Teacup’s upgrade page. The plug-ins are available for for InDesign CS3, CS4 and now CS5.

About DataLinker
DataLinker is an intuitive, easy-to-use plug-in that imports data from CSV or ODBC data sources onto an InDesign page. Data can then be automatically updated from the data source to the page. Data can be inserted into a document manually, or many records can be merged into a template at once.

Posted on: December 17, 2010

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