CreativePro Tip of the Week: Identifying Fonts in Photoshop

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Ever need help identifying a font in a Photoshop file? In the past, you’d have to use some of the resources we listed in our Ultimate Guide to Identifying Fonts. Now, in addition to those tools, Photoshop itself can help you. If you’re using Photoshop CC 2017, all you have to do is open the image:


and choose Type > Match Font.


A dialog box will appear with instructions on how to tell Photoshop exactly which line of type contains the font you want to identify.


Then just click Match Font.

A list of likely suspects is created from the fonts on your machine, as well as ones available from Typekit (if you choose that option).


If the font is on your machine, clicking it in the list makes it the active font in Photoshop, so you can start using it right away.


Posted on: February 3, 2017

Mike Rankin

Mike is the Editor in Chief of, InDesign Magazine, and He is also the author of several video training series, including Font Management Essential Training, InDesign FX, and InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals.

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