Corel's AfterShot Pro Seeks to Lure Lightroom and Aperture Users

Bibble was a software program from Bibble Labs that helped you manage and improve digital photos. Corel bought Bibble Labs last year, and now Corel has released a program based on Bibble’s underpinnings. The reborn app is called AfterShot Pro.
Bibble was always praised for its speed, and Corel claims that AfterShot Pro inherits that outstanding performance as you walk through all parts of a photo-processing workflow because the app is multithreaded and optimized for multi-core and multi-CPU computers.
Corel wants to win over users of other apps in the market, such as Lightroom and Aperture. To that end, AfterShot Pro will cost $79 if you already own Lightroom or Aperture. The $79 price also applies if you own Bibble 5 or PaintShop Pro X2. Everyone else will have to pay $99. AfterShot Pro runs on the Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Any high-level app in this market must handle RAW files, and AfterShot Pro does so. It also works with JPG and TIFF files. You can choose automatic image correction or edit your photos manually, affecting such parameters as exposure, tone, color, white balance, noise, curves and levels, lens correction and more.

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