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Adobe Releases Major Bug Fix for InDesign 2021


It’s time to head to the Updates tab of the Creative Cloud app and grab the latest bug fix for InDesign. This is the fourth release of InDesign 2021 and it addresses almost 30 issues, including crashes and other problems with Footnotes, Text Wrap, Spell Check, CC Libraries, Share for Review, Variable Fonts, and Background Tasks.

Performance improvements in scrolling, zooming, and screen redraw are also promised.

For all the details of what’s in version 16.1, check out this page at

If you don’t see 16.1 available in InDesign or the Creative Cloud desktop app Choose Help > Check for Updates in the CC app to force the list of available updates to refresh.

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  • Annette Murray says:

    I updated to Mac OS Big Sur and I now have 101 Noto Sans fonts (unremovable OS system fonts!) in my drop down list under the “Ns”! The foreign language ones are not at the bottom of the list.

    • Mike Rankin says:

      Sad but true. The Noto fonts make navigating the font menus in all the Adobe apps a bad joke.

      And Apple has made it all but impossible for most people to remove those fonts. The only fix I’ve read is to boot from another volume and delete them, but part me thinks that even then Apple will have some way for the OS to detect they’re missing and automatically reinstall them whether you want it or not. That would be so on brand for them.

      I think the only hope would be to make a feature request at UserVoice and get as many people as possible to vote for it. It’s so infuriating that I think once most people experience it on a daily basis, it might actually get addressed.

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