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16 Free Must-Have Scripts for InDesign Users

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Congratulations: By starting to read this article, you have taken the first step towards making your life far easier! I’m going to uncover a secret that can transform you from a regular InDesign user to a super-powered force of nature!

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  • Kathie says:

    Hi, I had a script for generating a font sample book (installed and system fonts) in InDesign for CS4, I think. My problem is it got corrupted and my boss is asking for updated books. Do you know of a similar script?

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  • seyoun says:

    thank you!!!!

  • Rikke says:

    Hi David
    Great and useful :)
    Do you know of any script that will help me copy the content of one table into another (target) table without losing the formatting of the target table?
    I found this from Dave Saunders, but unfortunately the download link is no longer available:

  • stef says:

    I need a script to make all of the phone numbers listed in my book a clickable number when the document is saved on an iphone. My document is created in InDesign and then exported into a pdf. By the way: there are more than 2,100 phone numbers listed in this book. Does anyone out there know of such a script?

  • lyn wang says:

    I need a script that place bookmarked pdf into indesign and still reserve the bookmarked from the pdf after export out from indesign

  • Michael Coleman says:

    I develop textbooks that have margin icons that include descriptive text. There are “Key Concept” icons, “Discuss” icons, and a few others. Right now, it’s a manual process to place the correct icons in the margins and enter the unique text for each. I’m wondering if we could make this more automated by having our instructional designers enter the icon info as footnotes in a Word document and running a script when we import into InDesign that places the correct icon and the indicated text. Basically, the script would run like the one listed above, but also place one of several graphics (which includes a clear box) overtop the side note. (Even if it’s not possible, this script could save us a lot of time.)

  • Kai Ramesh (Kaila) says:

    Hello! I have the calendar wizard, but I cannot figure out if it’s possible to make a “year at a glance” calendar with it. Do you happen to know? It was pretty overwhelming for me since I’m so new to InDesign. I did try quite a few different ways of using it, but just couldn’t get it to work for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This list is greatly appreciated! :)

  • Daniel says:

    I’ve just read the scripts description, and I’m starving to try three of them. Many thanks. I’ll be back on this post if I find some question about them.

  • Tina says:

    TomaxxiFillTable can’t be downloaded anymore. Is there an alternative source?

  • Branislav Milic says:

    Figure 7: TableSort is great for sorting a table alphabetically.
    is not placed correctly in the article.

  • Shiva says:

    Hi David
    Is there any script which can find footnote from (1-9)(10-99)(100-999)so that i can apply different style on them.

  • Ufish says:

    Hi there. Do you have many Indesign files? Don’t lose track of them anymore. We’re announcing a FREE VERSION of UFISH for Indesign on apple store for all users of this Group. Please check and share. It’s free. Thanks

  • Juha Sorsa says:

    Hi, I wonder if you could help me. I have to create certificates (lots of), which need to saved as individual PDFs with e-mail address as titles. On each page of the document there is an e-mail style. I’m trying to create a scripts as follows: (Indesign – 1st page of the document) find style “e-mail” –> copy all text in that box –> export page as pfd –> paste e-mail text on the title bar –> save document (as “XXX”.pdf) –> go to next page (1+1) –> repeat the previous –> and so on, till the end of the document. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Juha Sorsa

  • Jessica Nowak says:

    Do you have a script that data merges numbers in reverse order? I have a 2-up file and instead of merging 1 and 2 and so on. I need it to merge 2 then 1, 4 then 3 and so on.

  • OM says:

    I’ve found these three time saving scripts:
    Set frame to bleed, slug, page or margin =
    Resize Page to frame, object or group –
    Bleed Extender –

  • Anita Yadav says:

    I need a script for Indesign CC which can delete all unused paragraph and character style in batch and in individual document.

  • Sachin Gupta says:

    remove unused paragraph styles and character styles in InDesign CC2015 via apple scripts

  • Judi says:

    Hi, I am a high school yearbook adviser. We have created a multi page document to apply our styles, page numbers, etc. I now need to break the pages apart into 2 facing page documents (spread) for my students to complete. Any scripts or plug ins that accomplish that process?

  • RC DABRAL says:

    there is any script for mapping math character and apply it character style

  • Have never used scripts. Tried the CalendarWizard, both versions. These are the errors I received:
    Script: C:\Users\graphics\Desktop\calendarWizard-classic.js
    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    Error: ‘i>>?’ is undefined (can’t make it out)
    Code: 800A1391
    Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error
    Script: C:\Users\graphics\Desktop\calendarWizard.js
    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    Error: ‘i>>?’ is undefined (can’t make it out)
    Code: 800A1391
    Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

  • Michael Allen Campassi says:

    I need a script to ad parentheses to selected text

  • Heidi Rosendall says:

    I need a script that would find (or even highlight for me) custom tracking/kerning above or below a certain amount. Currently, InD highlights custom tracking and kerning, but I don’t care if the amount is small (e.g., -/+5). I want to find the larger ones (e.g., +/- 30) in case the page has eased up and I can get rid of them. The amount would vary by job (and language). Any ideas?

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