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150 Awesome InDesign Links and Resources


We just recorded our 150th InDesignSecrets podcast, and to celebrate this sesquicentennial event, we offer you 150 links we think you ought to know about. Some of these are pages here at, but most point elsewhere. It is a big InDesign world, after all.

Note that these are not in any particular order! And it’s not the ultimate comprehensive list. To all the many great sites and links that we forgot, we apologize!

Social Media:



Plug-ins and Scripts

PDFs, Articles, and Videos




Design in General

What To Do After You Export/Print

Resources for making iPad Apps

EPUB and eBook Resources

Adobe Live Help Files

What do you think is “required reading” for InDesign users? Tell us below!

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  • Eugene Tyson says:

    Beautiful. That should keep me busy!

  • SmartyGuy says:

    I thought I was getting caught up on things. Yikes. Honestly though, thanks for the treasure trove.

  • Hill says:

    WOW! Awesome collection of links!

  • Erick Ragas says:

    Check StockInDesign:

    I love InDesignSecrets

    [editor’s note: This site is in Spanish.]

  • rmoyerman says:

    i used indesign CS3 to make the long document cookbook. i lost the flash drive i had saved it on. i still have the disc with all the files and the CS3 book. Here the application program has changed to CS4. i start up the new book and get the book panel. how do i get files into the book panel?? i have an Adobe book covering InDesign CS4 which states that books can be made, but there is no step by step info to get files into the book panel. what am i missing?? robert

  • @ rmoyerman: That’s probably a better question for our forums (click Forums in the navigation above). But the quick answer is: click the Plus button in the book panel, or drag the files from the Finder/Explorer window into the panel.

  • blueribboncookies says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you! May I suggest #151? This site has some very nice tutorials by a friendly, helpful designer named Nick Davies:

  • May I suggest an additional book for your book list? I wrote Book Design and Production: A Guide for Authors and Publishers. It is focused on the basics of book design and related typography — and features a chapter on using InDesign to set up a (print) book.

    While this book is a little dated, and may go out-of-print sometime this year (when the last of the inventory is shipped out) the InDesign chapter is still quite useful as the most current version of InDesign while adding some desirable new features, has not changed any of the older functions.

    A new edition of the book is in the works and may be released next year (if all goes according to plan).

    The book is available from amazon at

  • Taylor says:

    Great resource list! I can only imagine how long this took to compile!

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