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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 112

I’ve been training InDesign users for a decade, but I’ve never had a student like the one I’m working with now: my 9 year old son! He decided (on his own) to start a newspaper for his 4th grade class. He has several other kids writing stories, and he’s enjoying laying out the paper in InDesign. How amazing to watch him learn (he’s taking to keyboard shortcuts better than many adults).

Anyway, it’s a great reminder that it’s fun to learn new things. And with that in mind, here’s lots of stuff for you to learn from!


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  • Regarding Mavericks: Many people were having trouble with the Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) app. Adobe has released a new version of ACC this morning which should fix at least some of the issues. Quit and restart ACC to upgrade.

  • Eugene says:

    Rorohikos batch script is good – but there’s a free Batch Convert that will run a script and save the document on exit.

    It’s free.

  • I LOVE Acrobat forms. And I love being able to make them both beautiful and functional using InDesign. And part of my living is made by making those forms. But I also hate that big purple “Please fill out the following form.” I find that it confuses my students and customers alike. So please, Adobe, let go of the purple button. It’s unnecessary and confusing.

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