Web Design Tips: Speed Up Your Web Graphics

This story is taken from "Speed Up Your Web Site."

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The Web has been around long enough that most of us know the difference between a "good" Web site and a "bad" one. And while we all have different tastes in subject matter and design, one thing will always distinguish the good from the bad and, yes, the ugly: speed. No matter how good-looking your site is, if it’s slow visitors won’t go. I

If your Web site is pokey, your graphics might be to blame. Yes, you can save graphcsi as JPGs or GIFs to reduce size, but did you know that the decisions you make when capturing images — whether by scanner or digital camera — can have an impact on the size of your files? And that as in like print production, how you clean up an image in your editing application affects Web image quality and download time?

In this excerpt from "Speed Up Your Web Site," you’ll learn optimization strategies for your Web graphics.

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Posted on: July 16, 2003

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