Wacom’s Two-Headed Stylus

Later this month Wacom will make available a new stylus for iPads &38212; and paper pads. The Bamboo Stylus duo features two types of nibs: one for drawing on an iPad touchscreen; the other for writing on actual paper.

For certain customers, the Bamboo Stylus duo makes good sense. Those who use styluses for digital work frequently want to sketch out ideas on paper, and the Bamboo Stylus duo gives them the best of both. On one end of the pen is the same nib as the original Bamboo Stylus (now called the Bamboo Stylus solo). On the other end is a traditional ink nib. Work on a digital tablet, flip the pen, and work on analog paper.

One cap is provided to protect the nib that’s not being used. Wacom says the ink pen uses standard refill cartridges. The digital pen uses the same exchangeable nib as the Bamboo Stylus solo.

A variety of Apps for the iPad and Android devices support the Bamboo Stylus duo.

The current list includes (hover over the name for link):





  • ArtRage for blending paints and using layers
  • Inspire Pro for simulating wet oil on canvas

The Bamboo Stylus duo will be available April 24 for $39.95, according to the Wacom website.


Posted on: April 11, 2012

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