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      Aaron Troia


      I’ve often wondered the same thing when developing books, I enter all the metadata into the OPF and not sure why. I think ereaders and desktop ebook readers can pull that data, but I’m not sure about its use anywhere else. I know some publishers push out their books metadata in ONYX form to online stores, but I dont have any experience with it.

      Not sure how alt text plays into meta, but I think in ebooks it’s mainly more of an accessibility feature for those with visual and auditory impairments who use screen readers to read or listen to books. The alt text for an image for example will give an auditory explanation of what the image is, say if the person listening to the book is visually impaired.


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      I heard that google can identify your pics without an alt text. Is this true?

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      Yes, it is true that Google can identify your pictures without an alt text. Google’s advanced image recognition technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the visual content of images and identify objects, people, and other elements within them.

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      Alt text and metadata in ePUBs do have an impact on SEO, and optimizing them can be beneficial for self-published authors aiming to increase their online visibility and sales.

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      Alt text in images and metadata in ePUBs can indeed have an impact on SEO. Alt text provides a description of images, making content more accessible and potentially improving search rankings. Metadata, including titles and descriptions, helps search engines understand your ePUB’s content, which can boost discoverability.

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      Your query about ePUBs and SEO is quite intriguing. Alt text in images and metadata within the ePUB can definitely play a role in improving SEO. They offer valuable context for search engines, potentially enhancing the discoverability of the content. Especially for self-published authors selling ePUBs on their websites, optimizing metadata can be beneficial for driving organic traffic.

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      David Blatner

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