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Tip of the Week: Using Quick Apply to Run Scripts


This InDesign tip on how to use Quick Apply to run scripts was sent to Tip of the Week email subscribers on September 15, 2016.

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If you’re a fan of using scripts in InDesign (and you should be!), you might find your Scripts panel is getting a little crowded as you collect more and more cool scripts. Having to slow down and scroll through a long list of scripts is pretty annoying when the whole idea is to speed things up.

To avoid this problem, one thing you can do is use Quick Apply to run scripts. Just launch Quick Apply by pressing Command+Return (Mac) or Ctrl+Enter (Windows), and then click on the triangle to show the options. Make sure Include Scripts is selected.

indesign tip quick apply run scripts

Now you can close the Scripts panel if you like. To run a script, just launch Quick Apply and start typing the script name. When the script you want is highlighted, press Return or Enter and the script will run.

indesign tip quick apply run scripts

If you find that menu commands or styles are showing up first in the list and making it hard to quickly select a script, then preface the script name with s followed by a colon. This tells Quick Apply to ignore anything that is not a script.

indesign tip quick apply run scripts



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  • Jim Rausch says:

    As a newcomer to this site…I must say Thank You for all your hard work. Several tips already have saved me tons of time as I am new to the InDesign & InCopy world. I normally worked in the Corel world and am well trained in those softwares, so, coming over to the Adobe world was not that hard of a transition, and with the help of your site, I have found the change far easier than one could have hope for.

    Thank You again for all your hard work along with your teams’!

  • Trabert Carola says:

    great! very helpful, thanx.

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