Three New Sony Cyber-shot Digital Cameras

Sony has announced three new models in its Cyber-shot line of point-and-shoot. The most impressive is the $500 DSC-TX200V, which captures stills and HD video with an 18.2MP sensor. It can focus in as few as 0.13 seconds when you’re shooting in daylight; when the light’s low, it still needs only 0.25 seconds to focus.

The TX200V is waterproof, freeze-proof, and dust-proof, yet it’s not housed in a hulking case. Instead, it looks more like a sleek new iPhone:

And that LCD on the back that seems so big? It is: 3.3 inches!

Sony says that the TX200V and the other two models, the WX70 and WX50, all produce photos with less image noise than previous Cyber-shot cameras, thanks to “Extra High Sensitivity” technology. They also all have 5x zoom capabilities.

The $230 WX70 and $200 WX50 models both capture still images and HD video with a 16.2MP sensor. The WX70’s LCD is 3 inches, and the WX50 has a 2.7-inch LCD. However, the less-expensive models have a more traditional appearance than the TX200V:

All three cameras will be on sale beginning in March.

Posted on: January 31, 2012

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