The Importance of Type: A CreativePro Conversation


Watch CreativePro Network CEO David Blatner's interview with type expert Nigel French. They discussed fonts, letterspacing, baseline grids, and how to find your typographic rhythm. They also previewed Nigel’s upcoming session at The InDesign + Type Summit, coming to a device near you July 29–30. If you care about type, don’t miss this conversation!

More Resources To Master Type and Typography

The InDesign + Type Summit is now available on-demand!

This two-day deep dive covers everything from advanced text styles to best practices for hyphenation, justification, and spacing; from simple but powerful type effects to essential scripts and add-ons for type and typography; from fixing typographic horrors to making typography accessible, and more.

You’ll receive two full days of educational and inspirational session recordings, speaker handouts, type resources, and more.

If you are an InDesigner who cares about typography, you can’t afford to miss this essential HOW-TO event.

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