Teacup Software Releases Free TypeFitter Plug-in

Teacup Software, Inc. announced today that its TypeFitter plug-in, a popular tool for fitting text without compromising quality typography, is now being offered free for Adobe InCopy.  The free version for InCopy is fully featured with no limitations on its use.  The plug-in fits type by adjusting settings in InCopy’s justification algorithms, giving better results than just adjusting tracking or scaling. Capable of fitting text quickly and efficiently, TypeFitter is an essential time-saving tool for book publishers, newspapers, magazines and anyone else working with justified text.

Teacup will continue to offer TypeFitter for Adobe InDesign at its previous price.

TypeFitter features include
Easily tighten, loosen, or restore text using a simple palette.
Create and save settings in type-fit styles for tighten, tighten more, loosen and loosen more. Type-fit styles from any previously created document can be loaded into your current document.

Automatically find widows or oversets, even in table cells. TypeFitter will bring these problematic text flaws to your attention, saving valuable time.

It works with both InDesign and InCopy, so layout artists and copy editors have access to the same type fitting tools. A single license will let you work in InDesign and InCopy CS and CS.

Expanding Awareness
"We thought this free version would be a great way to raise awareness of the tool for users across the newspaper, magazine and book publishing market," said Lawrence Horwitz, president of Teacup Software.  "It’s a great tool that’s always worked with InCopy, but most of our users have been for InDesign.  We think that lots of InCopy users are going to see great benefit from TypeFitter."

Pricing and Availability
TypeFitter for InCopy is free.TypeFitter for InDesign is available for purchase for $59.  Both can be downloaded from Teacup’s website at www.teacupsoftware.com . They require InDesign or InCopy, versions CS or CS-2 on either Windows 2000 and higher or Macintosh OS X 10.2 and higher.

About Teacup Software, Inc.
Teacup Software, Inc. is focused on creating simple, elegant solutions exclusively for Adobe InDesign. In addition to its ready-made plug-in products, Teacup also offers consulting services for custom plug-in development for Adobe InDesign. In both its consulting and development work, Teacup is dedicated to doing the extra work it takes to create products that are transparent and easy-to-use. Teacup is always looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Posted on: February 13, 2007

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