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Taming Wild Assets with Adobe Bridge

InDesign Magazine issue 138 coverThis article appeared in Issue 139 of InDesign Magazine.

An InDesign user’s guide to a calmer lifestyle

One of my favorite recent books, The Cosmic Revolutionary’s Handbook, by astronomers Luke A. Barnes and Geraint F. Lewis, begins Chapter 2 with the words, “At night, the sky is dark. If this is new information for you, the rest of this book is going to blow your mind.”

This is the best introduction to a chapter since A Tale of Two Cities, so, in a shameless act of plagiarism inspired artistic homage, I am going to start with this:

A working designer collects a vast array of files. If that is new information for you, the rest of this article is going to blow your mind. It is the story of Creative Cloud’s most underestimated app.

. . . .

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Alan Gilbertson is a designer and creative director living in Los Angeles, California, where he doesn’t miss the weather of his Scottish hometown one bit.