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This article is from August 8, 2011, and is no longer current.

So You Think You Know Photoshop?

Adobe’s Photoshop team spends a lot of time listening to users’ wants and needs, then trying to meet as many of those as it can. It’s in the company’s best interests to do so: Satisfied users are more likely to keep buying.
But with all the new stuff that’s in every major release of Photoshop, it’s tough for us users to find out about all the changes and additions, much less put them into practice.
Photoshop product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes hopes to help with a series of Photoshop CS5 “hidden gems” videos. They cover little-known (and sometimes mind-blowing) ways to work with Puppet Warp, Content-Aware Fill, and the Pixel Bender filters. Even Photoshop power users will pick up new tips and tricks, yet you don’t have to invest much time because each video is short.
You can watch each video by clicking on their names and images below.
Manipulate and Synthesize Puppet Warp with Content-Aware Fill
When you edit part of a photo with Puppet Warp, you may end up with unwanted duplication. See how to take care of the problem with Content-Aware Fill.

Straighten Images with Ease
Photoshop’s Lens Correction can fix lens distortion, but there are some situations it just can’t handle without adversely affecting other parts of a photo. Learn how to use Puppet Warp for subtle, direct manipulations that solve the problem.

Amazingly Fast Effects
Pixel Bender filters go beyond the standard Photoshop filters, and they’re a free download from Adobe Labs. Find out how to use the oil paint filter.

Restore Old Photographs and Other Images
Even Adobe readily admits that on certain images, Content-Aware Fill doesn’t work well at first. Bryan shows you how to make selections that yield the results you’re after.

Remove Unwanted Parts of an Images
Removing a straight line with Content-Aware Fill is easy. Removing a drooping line is a little more challenging. This video shows you how.

How many of the techniques did you already know?

  • Jennifer Wills says:

    These are great. The last one about stroking a path with a brush was really helpful.

    Speaking of hidden gems, I found a use for an often overlooked feature which has been around since CS3 – the Analysis menu. You can actually determine the size of things in your image without a tape measure. Here is my post about that https://wplusw.blogspot.com/2009/04/macgyver-would-love-photoshop.html


  • Anonymous says:

    That was great–thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent how-to tutorial. I already use last one of this techniques, thank you for posting all of this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yay! Just what we wanted and needed, short videos with solutions. Tremendous! Thank you!

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