QuarkXPress 7.2 Available Today as a Free Download to QuarkXPress 7 Customers

Quark Inc. announced today that QuarkXPress 7.2, the latest update to QuarkXPress 7 — the industry-leading software for graphic design and multi-channel page layout, is now available at www.quark.com.

“We are thrilled at the enthusiastic reception QuarkXPress 7 has received from the industry and customers alike, and we want to build on this momentum by providing customers with incremental enhancements,” said Jürgen Kurz, senior vice president of Quark’s Desktop Business Unit. “The QuarkXPress 7.2 updater provides performance improvements and addresses customer input. This important update also aligns support for recent announcements, including Windows Vista and Quark XPert Tools Pro (the most popular suite of QuarkXPress XTensions), and new language support with user interfaces in five additional languages – Czech, Greek, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Turkish. It gives me great pleasure to announce this valuable update for QuarkXPress 7, and an even greater pleasure to say that it is available to existing QuarkXPress 7 customers for free.”

Also included in the update are usability enhancements to Job Jackets, a unique workflow feature that provides quality control and facilitates collaboration for anyone involved in a creative job. “The Job Jackets feature is an incredibly powerful tool that makes error-free workflows possible,” Kurz said. “We’ve made enhancements to Job Jackets based on early adopter feedback that significantly improve overall usability.”

Highlights of QuarkXPress 7.2 include improvements in the following areas:

  • Job Jackets: Basic user interface modifications enable users to create new rules directly from a layout evaluation dialog box, create and edit output specifications directly from the Output job dialog box, and create new layout specifications directly from the layout menu.
  • Flattening: Users can specify resolutions for different types of objects, specifically vector graphics, drop shadows, and blends.
  • Color Management Module (CMM): QuarkXPress 7.2 supports Kodak’s new CMM that adds Black Point Compensation. QuarkXPress 7 continues to support different CMMs that offer users a robust set of choices and cross-platform compatibility.

A customer-centric approach recognized by the industry
Over the last few months, media and industry experts have confirmed Quark’s product improvements and continual refinements to its flagship product, plus Quark’s ability to respond to customers. For example, Michael Kleper of The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing recently stated, “QuarkXPress 7 is [a] long-awaited next generation media composition application. It was worth the wait to see both the software and the company rise to the next level.”

Industry-watcher Kirk Hiner of Applelinks.com said of QuarkXPress 7.1, “Long-time Quark users and supporters will be pleased to see that Quark isn’t forcing in new features just to combat InDesign, but is instead catering to their core crowd; giving them features they’ve been asking for, for a while, even if not all at once.”

In response to Quark’s March 13 announcement of a free download for Quark XPert Tools Pro for QuarkXPress 7, Erik Vlietinck of the IT-Enquirer wrote, “By delivering the set of XTensions for free, Quark is effectively making QuarkXPress 7 a better product than InDesign CS2, with more and more powerful features. With XPert Tools Pro, Quark now surpasses InDesign CS2 in terms of functionality. It remains to be seen whether Adobe will be able to beat Quark in this area.”

And in response to Quark’s February announcement of free technical support for French and German customers, Jonny Evans of Macworld stated, “It’s another example of the new customer-centric company, with a range of recent measures, such as platform-independent licensing, the ability of users to continue to run older versions of QuarkXPress on the same machine as QuarkXPress 7, and the ability of users to install QuarkXPress on two machines at no additional cost.”

“This shows that Quark is actively listening to its customers and taking action,” concluded Kurz. “I invite users to upgrade to QuarkXPress 7 and download the 7.2 updater to experience the phenomenal possibilities of QuarkXPress 7.”

To learn more about QuarkXPress 7 and how to purchase or upgrade visit the Quark Web site. A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of QuarkXPress 7, including the universal release for Intel-based Macs, is available for download from www.quark.com.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (www.quark.com) is an innovative software company providing design, production, and collaboration solutions that are transforming the business of creative communications. Quark has provided award-winning software for professional publishers since its flagship product, QuarkXPress, changed the course of traditional publishing. Founded in 1981, Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.

Posted on: April 5, 2007

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