CreativePro Week Conference Speaker Spotlight: Jesús Ramirez, the YouTube Photoshop King

Welcome to our Speaker Spotlight series, designed to highlight some of our CreativePro Week 2017 Conference speakers, which will be in Atlanta, Georgia, May 22–26. We’ve assembled a dream team roster of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator gurus, and thought you’d like to get to know what makes them tick, why they’re passionate about what they do, and what you can expect to learn from them at the conference. (Our previous Speaker Spotlight was on Chris Converse.)

The subject of this Speaker Spotlight is Jesús Ramirez.

The Jesús Ramirez File

Born in Mexicali Baja California, Mexico, Jesús played soccer and enjoyed a fun childhood outdoors. He didn’t discover the world of computers and Photoshop until after he graduated high school.

Today he resides in Alameda, California, is the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel and happily works from home most days. Educator, Speaker, Author, Online Instructor, Digital Graphics Expert, Designer, Developer, Husband and Proud Parent of  a cute fur baby, Chicharito AKA Mr. Meow. He is a sucker for pizza and carne asada tacos but hates chocolate (yes, you read that correctly, he HATES chocolate!).

Jesús has also had eight years of professional experience in web development and has become an expert in many popular programming languages and tools, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, DreamWeaver, and WordPress. His tutorials have been featured in many well-know publications and blogs, including the Adobe Creative Cloud Blog.

Jesus-Ramirez-PhotoshopFirst Job: Little Caesars

First computer: Wow, I was 18 years old and it was a Dell. I don’t remember much about it but I do remember that it only had 8 gigabytes of memory storage space and I hit the max quickly.

Lefty or Righty: Righty 

Geeky or Nerd: Geeky 

Nicknames: That’s a loaded question. School and Business I have always been known as Jesús, although some of my family members wouldn’t recognize me by that name and only know me as Freddy or Alfredo…..and all my soccer friends know me as “Chuy.”

What tech hardware do you use most? Computer and tablet.

How did you get started in this work: For as long as I can remember I enjoyed drawing and to this day am constantly drawing and doodling. My friend’s dad had Adobe Photoshop 5, or maybe it was Ps 6, and would let us play with it. I really got into it and really enjoyed using it to create digital graphics.

Favorite Websites: Google, I visit it constantly throughout the day and to check-in on my favorite Sports. And I really enjoy reading about technology so The Next Web is definitely a favorite.

Favorite TV Show: Currently addicted to the Walking Dead. Growing up I was a big comic book fan, this series is based a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman that portrays life after a zombie apocalypse. It’s so awesome, I find it such an interesting idea and fun to watch the series unfold.

Math is…boring.

Coffee is…my favorite beverage. Going to start limiting myself because I find that I have been frequenting Starbucks 3 times a day lately.

At 6am I am usually: sleeping. My alarm clock is set for 6:30am.

Where can you find him: As you may have guessed, the best place to catch up with Jesús is to attend the CreativePro Week 2017 in Atlanta, and attend his session Turbo Charge Your Workflow in Photoshop. He enjoys talking and interacting with attendees so make sure you stop in him the hall, stop by the speaker’s table when he’s scheduled to be there and find him during the networking events. He loves hearing what your current projects are, and any issues you are running into. In fact, The Photoshop Channel is infused by a simple but effective mantra, “just show me how you did that”.

Are there any sessions (other than your own) that you are excited for at CProWeek? All of them. I am a big fan of each and every one of the speakers. Growing up I was a huge fan of Bert Monroy. In fact, I can remember the first time I saw Bert live. It was at Photoshop World 2013. After his session, I was walking down the hall, and Bert was heading straight toward me, I mustered up my self-confidence and stopped him in his tracks to tell him how much he inspired me. We had a great conversation and I found out that we are practically neighbors (we live about 20 minutes away from each other). An instant friendship was formed that day, randomly in a back hallway, in Vegas.

A Photoshop Tip from Jesús

When you use the Layer Styles panel to create a drop shadow, you usually get a flat looking shadow that makes your object look as if it were floating right above the surface of the layer behind it.

You can create a more realistic shadows by first selecting a color that matches the other shadows in the scene (instead of just black).

Then, after you apply the Drop Shadow from the Layer Styles panel as you normally would, right-click on the word “Effects” in the layers panel, and select “Create Layer“. This will remove the layer style and create a new pixel layer that contains only the drop shadow.

You can then press Ctrl T (Mac: Command T) to transform it, and match the perspective of your scene.



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Posted on: March 31, 2017

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