Photoshop How-To: Blur a Picture to Bring It Into Focus

This excerpt courtesy Mark S. Johnson Photography and Radiant Vista

Sharpness in a photo can be too much of a good thing when a sharp background distracts the viewer from your intended subject in the foreground. By blurring the background using one of two techniques (one basic, the other advanced), you’ll change the apparent depth of field and make your image more effective.

A busy background originally competed with the gull.

To get you started, the author has supplied a sample photo just right for these techniques. Click on the link below to save the image to your computer.

We’ve posted this excerpt as a PDF file. To open the PDF file in your Web browser, click "Selective Focus." You can also download the PDF to your machine for later viewing.

To open the PDF, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. To download Acrobat Reader click below:


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Note that this excerpt is part of a larger ebook on photographic techniques. For more about the Photographer’s Photoshop CS2 Companion, see Mark’s bookstore.

Posted on: May 15, 2006

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