Mastering Photoshop Smart Objects: Layer Comps

If you need to develop several versions of a composition in Photoshop, Layer Comps are the perfect tool to use. They allow you to experiment with multiple versions of a design in one Photoshop file, by saving information about layer visibility, position, and appearance.

And when you combine the power of Layer Comps with Photoshop Smart Objects, you get even more speed and flexibility in your workflow, as demonstrated in the video below. It shows how to add three different photos to a desktop composition, which can then be customized to show any of the photos composited onto a computer screen with a single click.


Check out the video, and add this key time-saving technique to your Photoshop repertoire!

Posted on: April 13, 2015

Bart Van de Wiele

Bart started his career as a graphic designer specialising in print, e-publishing and image retouching. After 7 years he started working as an Adobe Certified Instructor providing classroom training and consulting using various Creative Cloud products. He's a renowned speaker at conferences in Europe, Australia and the United States and has written many articles on Adobe's print and e-publishing products. Bart joined Adobe in 2015 as a Solution Consultant where he supports the Creative Cloud enterprise business and is a public speaker at Adobe marketing- and other PR events.

4 Comments on Mastering Photoshop Smart Objects: Layer Comps

  1. What a great technique, Bart! I have used layer comps with PSD images placed inside InDesign, of course, but I didn’t realize you could do it with the Properties panel in Photoshop, too!

  2. Gary O'Connell

    April 14, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    I could not access the video as it was blacked out. I have Creative Suite CS5 Design Standard. Flash is up to date.

  3. this feature is incomplete, i need to create layer comps that record my smart objects layer comps, and they don’t! its useless that way 🙁

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