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Cover of CreativePro Magazine issue 27: AI in AiThis article appeared in Issue 27 of CreativePro Magazine.

Step 1: Steep your tea. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own, there’s one here for you.

Step 2: Find the coziest spot in your home. Sit down. Get comfy.

Step 3: Mute your phone. Put on your headphones.

Step 4: Inhale and sip the tea goodness.

Step 5: Open your zine.

Most zines—like most of what we read in general—don’t come with instructions on how to read them. They certainly don’t come with complementary drinks, snacks, and Spotify playlists. But for the Ottawa Design Club, these multisensory elements aren’t bonuses or frills, but an essential element of the experience. Isabelle Poirier (who goes by Izzy) is the co-founder of the ODC and the founder of IP Design, her brand strategy studio. She is passionate about the transformative power of multisensory design—and it’s something she’s bringing to her work as a brand consultant as well. She explains the potential benefits of multisensorial branding, saying “You probably have a memory of a family vacation, to the beach for example, where you remember what you ate that day, how it smelled, the activity you were doing, the texture of the sand. We tend to remember when there are a lot of senses that are triggered at the same time.” She believes that companies could be using this idea to make stronger impressions on their customers and increase brand recognition.

After flipping through a couple of the ODC zines myself, I sat down with Poirier, ready to learn how these unique zines came to be and how she uses these skills in her branding work as well.

. . . .

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