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InDesigner: Theresa Stoodley

InDesign Magazine Issue 148 coverThis article appeared in Issue 148 of InDesign Magazine.

We’re all familiar with magazine spreads that catch our attention and make us pause over full-bleed photos and distinctive typography. Similarly, we’ve all seen infographics that distill complex data into elegant designs, as well as white papers and research reports that convey important findings without boring or confusing us. These are very common publications, but it takes uncommon talent to execute them with precision and panache. The thought and processes that go into them are nothing short of complex—­especially when it comes to data collection and visual storytelling. Interested in learning more about what goes on behind the design of such publications, I spoke with Theresa Stoodley, a graphic designer and application consultant based in the Midwest, about her career in editorial and information design, as well as what she finds herself creating (and doing) in her free time. 

Self-portrait of Theresa Stoodley: “Graphic designer by day, fencing coach by night”

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Addison Lalier is a part-time freelance writer for InDesign Magazine. She specializes in client and project management at a creative agency in Portland, Oregon.