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InDesign Template Essentials: Preflight Profiles

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This time we have a batch of Preflight Profiles to help you spot and fix potential problems before you output your documents.


In all, there are 21 profiles, customized for different needs and output requirements for print and digital projects. For example, there’s a “Better Basic” profile that is great for everyday use, with several improvements over the default profile that ships with InDesign. There’s also a “Design Manager’s Best Friend” profile that flags the common small mistakes we all make that can turn into big headaches if they’re not dealt with early on.

In the print category, you’ll find profiles for 1-color jobs, CMYK jobs, and combinations of CMYK+ spot colors. In the digital category, there are profiles for reflowable EPUB, interactive PDF documents, and more. There’s also a batch of OHWs: One Hit Wonders, that target specific problems you may need to deal with, like RGB images, low-res images, transparency, and others.

A handy instruction sheet for adding the profiles to InDesign is also included.

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Remember, to err is human, to preflight, divine.

By the way, did you ever wonder who came up with the term “preflight” for print production? It was none other than InDesign scripture extraordinaire and InDesign Magazine author Chuck Weger! You can see Chuck talk about how he got the inspiration for the the term in this video.


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