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This article is from April 23, 2014, and is no longer current.

Using InDesign to Create UX/UI Designs


I’ve talked about how InDesign is great for wireframing (designing a web page, for example… not for the actual HTML, but for the design aspects, as a mock-up). Now Justin Putney has gone one further and produced a whole movie at on the topic of using InDesign to create UX (user experience) designs for apps and more.

This might seem crazy at first, but watch this intro movie where he explains his (good!) reasoning:

As you can see, InDesign offers all kinds of tools that are useful when designing user interfaces, whether it be for an iPad app or a web app or a desktop program, etc.

Here’s Justin going deeper, talking about building Multi-State Objects:

You can find the full title here: UX Design Tools: InDesign

And, if you don’t already have a subscription, you can get a week free here.

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  • Justin says:

    We’re using InDesign in the Westpac group to design large scale responsive, multi-brand applications. I’ve done a basic starter pack and screen cast to help designers get started. We’re keeping a close eye on Sketch etc for UI design but they still don’t offer the powerful features of InDesign. It’s not perfect but it works.

    Any advice or tips on how to improve this would be much appreciated.

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