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InCopy vs. Word

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InDesign Magazine Issue 147 coverThis article appeared in Issue 147 of InDesign Magazine.

Since the dawn of desktop-­publishing-time, publishers have needed a workhorse editorial application to create and manage text content. For most, the obvious choice was Microsoft Word. But as any longtime Word user will tell you, the program has more than its share of quirks and limitations (Figure 1).

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Chad Chelius is a trainer, author, consultant, and speaker residing in the Philadelphia area. He’s been using Adobe products for over 25 years and began his career in the design and publishing industry. As an Adobe Certified Instructor and a consultant, he teaches and advises on all Adobe print and web products, specializing in InDesign and InCopy workflows, Illustrator, and PDF accessibility using Adobe Acrobat. He works with clients both large and small, in and outside the United States, helping them to solve problems, work smarter, and more efficiently using Adobe products.
  • Jamie McKee says:

    Great article on the comparisons of the two programs. One note: you can use GREP in Word too by using the Advanced Find and Replace feature, click the down arrow to reveal more options, and check “Use wildcards”.

    • David Blatner David Blatner says:

      I’ve seen wildcards in Word, and they’re cool, but I don’t think they’re GREP, or nearly as powerful as GREP. I believe you can get GREP searching in Word, but it requires macros and stuff?

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