How to Cure Typochondria


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Choosing typefaces for a project can expose deep-rooted vulnerabilities within even the most stout-hearted designers. Font doubt may give rise to self-esteem issues and the malady that design educator and author Ellen Lupton calls “typochrondria.”
If you’ve ever suffered from this affliction, you’re not alone. As a designer, you know the basics: Don’t mix typefaces that are too similar to each other but don’t combine those that are too discordant, don’t confuse styles and eras, and don’t buy poor-quality fonts. But beyond that, what’s the right way to choose type?
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  • Anonymous says:

    The choice of Helvetica Ultra Light for the ‘BEAN MAN’ spread is one I wouldn’t have made. While the face is attractive – sophisticated – as a graphic designer who also was a print production manager, I see impending disaster during a press run. Using such a light type allows no room for run-of-press mis-registration problems.

  • javaslinger says:

    Yup. I’ve been there. Stared at a poster for so long that I didn’t notice it said Septmember and not September. So, to the designer which designed the Flash banner for the article on the homepage, the headline says “How to Cure Typhocondria”, not “How to Cure Typocondria”. Heads up.

  • Terri Stone says:

    That would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Thanks for the correction!

    Terri Stone
    Editor in Chief,

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