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I’ve been using, loving, and teaching Adobe software for more than 20 years. I can’t even imagine what my career would’ve been like without the amazing stuff that Adobe makes. But at the same time, I’ve used plenty of great software from other companies, and I’m always curious to see what other apps are like and what I could do with them. That’s why I’ve been happy to¬†do courses for on things like Astute¬†Graphics, Inkscape, and my new course, GIMP Essential Training.

GIMP is a free, open source image editing application for Mac, Windows, and Linux. And while it can’t do everything that Photoshop can, GIMP is a very capable application, having been developed by talented and passionate folks for over 20 years.

Here’s the official course description:

GIMP is a popular open-source image editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux that has evolved to become a credible option for image editing. In this course, Mike Rankin shows how to use GIMP 2.8 to work with images. After he tours the GIMP interface and familiarizes you with the program’s preferences and tools, he takes you through working with selections, layers, layer masks, and paths. He also explains how to adjust canvas and print size, use brushes to edit masks, work with color, retouch photos, work with filters and text, print GIMP documents, and export images for web and print.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the GIMP interface
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Working with selections
  • Using Quick Masks
  • Adjusting images with Curves and Levels
  • Working with text and paths
  • Working with colors and brushes
  • Configuring brush keyboard shortcuts
  • Enhancing photos with filters
  • Outputting images

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Working with colors

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Touring the GIMP interface

Cropping images

Working with brushes

Posted on: July 14, 2017

Mike Rankin

Mike is the Editor in Chief of, InDesign Magazine, and He is also the author of several video training series, including Font Management Essential Training, InDesign FX, and InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals.

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