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Free InDesignSecrets “tip of the day” Plug-in Released!

InDesignSecrets Plug-in Dialog Box

If you enjoy learning new InDesign tips and tricks, you’ll love the new InDesignSecrets plug-in, released today from InDesignSecrets and aextra Software. It offers a new tip each time you launch InDesign, and best of all: It’s free! You can download the plug-in from our Plug-ins and Scripts page.

History: Those of you old enough to remember the InTips plug-in that offered the same functionality probably also remember that Quark killed the plug-in when it bought ALAP. Fortunately, David Blatner gathered up his tips, added a bunch of new ones, and — with the help of aextra Software — has re-released the plug-in in a new form, like a phoenix rising from the ashes (or butterfly rising from the cocoon, or something like that).

We hope you like the plug-in. Let us know in comments below!

New (1/08): This plug-in is no longer available. However, there is a new “tip of the day” plug-in, from DTP Tools, which works with CS1, CS2, and CS3.

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  • annukka says:

    Nice and useful site you have here, thanks a lot! I installed the plug-in and find it cool.

  • Iwan Svyatenko says:

    Thanks for hard work. I use this plugin when it was Alap plugin and still use it now. I’ve found small mistake in the tip “Style Editing” – sticky ‘onthe’ in the last sentence (InDesign CS Mac version).

  • Andrew says:

    As they say these days-
    You Rock!
    Great stuff these, and your many books. Your like our graphics guardian angel.

  • See new note inserted at the end of the post regarding the new version of this plug-in.

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