First InDesign CS6 Sneak Peek

We’ve had months of Photoshop sneak-peek videos (click to see all the Photoshop Sneak Peek videos). Then came an Illustrator CS6 sneak peek. Now it’s InDesign’s turn.

Adobe revealed a new feature slated for InDesign CS6 called the Content Collector. Demonstrated by the genial and indefatigable Terry White, the video shows how the Content Collector allows you to store publication assets in a single onscreen repository dubbed “the conveyor.” To put elements in the repository, you use the new Content Collector tool to select them and place them in the conveyor.

When you want to use that content, you simply drag the content from the conveyor onto the page you’re working on — or into another document. It’s a fast way to repurpose content for multiple layouts (think tablet devices or Web pages). By using the conveyor, you eliminate the need to leave the layout to find assets on your hard drive.

Here’s White showing how it works:


Posted on: April 4, 2012

2 Comments on First InDesign CS6 Sneak Peek

  1. How is this any different than using Libraries?

  2. So… how is this very different from an InDesign Library?

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