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Design + Data Summit 2023 Agenda Released

The Design + Data Summit

You’re a designer, not a data scientist! And yet you have to work with data: you use it to construct documents like directories, price lists, or product catalogs; explain it with charts, graphs, and infographics; present it in slide decks or annual reports.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce The Design + Data Summit, a two-day event for designers who work with data, held online September 21–22, 2023.

Sessions include:

  • The Big Picture: Managing Data Projects
  • There's a Graph for That! Data Visualization in Excel
  • Focus on Infographics
  • Data Merge in InDesign
  • Large Scale Data Publishing Solutions
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Resources for Designers Working with Data
  • Inclusive Data Design
  • And more

If you work with data, you can’t afford to miss this exciting, brand-new event!

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