Daily Drawings Reach One Thousand

Four years ago, illustrator and graphic designer Chris Piascik made a major commitment: Draw something every weekday until he hit 1,000 drawings. Last week, he reached that goal.

As you might expect, the quality of those drawings can be uneven, but they’re all interesting. Here are a few:

You can browse the entire collection on his website. Be aware that some drawings aren’t safe for buttoned-up workplaces, and some of you may disagree with Piascik’s politics.

If you’re a fan, you may want to join many others in backing Piascik’s Kickstarter project, a self-published book of all 1,000 drawings. Here’s what he has to say about his decision to self-publish: “I want full control over the final product. The Daily Drawing project has changed my life in several significant ways and I need to honor that by putting out the product I want to put out… Drawing every night gave me the confidence to move away from graphic design and towards illustration professionally, and to take the scary leap to freelancing full-time. All the projects I started getting as a result of my dailies didn’t hurt either!”

It’s a great reminder that personal passions can lead to professional success.

Posted on: December 27, 2011

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