Avast, Me Hearties! It's a New Typeface!

The new Prosperity is a calligraphic script that’s a little rough around the edges, as if it’s been worn down by time.

Type designer Brian Sooy has amply supplied the OpenType script with contextual glyphs, alternate lower case glyphs, and an extended set of alternate capitals. That means that as long as you’re using Prosperity in software that supports OpenType, you can employ multiple letter-combination variations.

Sooy designed the typeface so that it works at sizes both large and small, on everything from tradeshow booths to websites (there’s a Web font version).

Prosperity normally sells for $65, but you can buy it for $50 now from MyFonts.com.

Are you wondering why the font is named “Prosperity”? That’s historical, as well: The schooner Prosperity sailed the ocean blue in 1779 and was captained by Joseph Sooy, an ancestor of Brian Sooy.

Posted on: June 16, 2011

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