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An Adventure in Book Jacket Design

CreativePro Magazine Issue #1 coverThis article appeared in Issue 1 of CreativePro Magazine.

When you’re a professional graphic artist or designer, you get used to certain questions from friends, students, and fellow artists. People want to know, “Did you do that with paint, or is it digital?” In my case, the answer is always, “Well, sort of both. It’s complicated.” Then they want to know, “What hardware or software did you use?” Again, my response is a rather cryptic: “All of them!” Although the process may not yield a simple, clean answer, it’s not an unsolvable mystery, either—just a tale of teamwork by some plucky problem-solvers, each contributing what they do best.

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Hugh D’Andrade is an artist and designer based in Oakland, California. He has designed book jackets for Macmillan, Random House, and Penguin, as well as rock posters for Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams. He currently works as Creative Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. See more of his work on his website: hughillustration.com.