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Issue 42: Book Design

June/July 2011

Book Design Basics

Scott Citron covers vital facts to make your book-design process a smoother, more successful endeavor.

InDesign’s Hidden Files

Once you know where InDesign stashes its secrets, the power is in your hands.

InStep: Designing with Data

Michael Murphy shows you how to take a bone-dry spreadsheet and turn it into a gorgeous layout.

InType: InDesign Wish List

Nigel French loves InDesign, but he still has a list of things he’d like to see in future versions. How about you?

InTips: The Conference Comes to You

Fresh off a successful conference, David Blatner brings you the experts’ tips and techniques.

InDesigner: Lost in London

Pamela Pfiffner finds a magazine going native.


Sandee Cohen solves your InDesign problems.

InTime: Live Captions as Label Makers

Pariah Burke explores an unexpected use of Live Captions.

InReview: Active Tables and Grid Calculator Pro

Bob Levine and Scott Citron put two helper applications through rigorous tests. Are these apps for you?

InBrief: New & Improved Products

Jeff Gamet wants to be sure you’re up to date on what’s going on in the product world outside of InDesign.

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